I know this review was long awaited but there was more to this video than just the typical pricing, color selection, how they feel on, etc. so I had to refilm a second part showing some huge issues with these lipsticks. Upon investigating my PR and bought lipsticks I can not recommend them to anyone and will be returning my set that I did buy on launch day. I would highly advise you to do the same if you do own any, because a lipstick is never worth your health and these are clearly contaminated with potentially dangerous substances like possible mold or hairs. I am disappointed that I couldn't give my extra set away but they aren't safe, i'll be hosting many more giveaways in future videos very soon! I hope you babes find this video insightful. I love Jaclyn and am never trying to cause drama, this is simply a matter of public safety and I want you guys to see what my lipsticks really looked like after inspecting them more closely. I am waiting on her to make a public announcement on the situation. Tell me if you bought anything from this launch and what the condition was down below in the comments, I'd love to know!

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